Choose from 100s of suppliers and reduce your power costs!

Revolutionizing pricing of electricity contracts

Suppliers spend millions of dollars in marketing budgets to acquire new customers.

With PowerMarketa, connecting with your customers is easy!

PowerMarketa's easy to use, Greenbutton powered marketplace, enables customers to let suppliers know that they are shopping for a new electricity contract and you can provide options to your customers without expensive marketing campaigns

Connect with millions of consumers

Customizing contracts for your customers and providing innovative products requires you to understand your customer needs in granular detail. PowerMarketa's supplier dashboards enable you to choose understand and analyze your customer needs with an easy to use interface.

Our portfolio management and risk analytics lets you analyze leads holistically and only provide quotes for your target customers.

Checkout our Supplier analytics dashboard and Contact us to know more! 

Analytics: Our differentiator

Steve Juris 
VP of Customer Acquistion
MyEnergy Corp.
"With PowerMarketa, we increased our customer base by 20%"

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Analytics: Our differentiator